I had a wonderful experience with Master Laura! I had planned on taking a microblading class with someone else, but the Universe put her in my path at the moment I was taking my tattoo license. Thank you for being such a wonderful Master. She gives me precise feedback and points out exactly where I need to improve, specially now that I am practicing to get my certification.
I highly recommend her class.

She has knowledge, she is kind, she is patient and what a hand!!!

Thank you Master Laura!

~ Natasha Zekry

Master Laura is an amazing instructor and teacher! I attended her 2 day course and left with the skill and confidence needed to finally help me Master this very detailed skill. I have attended other Microblading courses in the past, but always felt like something was missing. Her diligence and patience in working with me over the 2 days helped identify what I was doing wrong, corrected it, and now I am finally the right path! Thank you again Master Laura! I am practicing like crazy and hope to soon have my Craftmaster Level 11 ready for your review and feedback!

~ Adrienne Beverly Collins

Master Laura is an accomplished educator that truly cares for the profession. She is always posting tips and tricks to make her students and colleagues life easier! She truly is a good person and an invested trainer.

Thank you Master Laura for all your advice and help

~ Meri Hagan

Laura is a meticulous teacher and PMU influencer. If you haven’t taken her class yet, you’re losing out on valuable jewels. Her work is immaculate, her tutelage is priceless, and her principles are steadfast. I could not recommend a more seasoned master. Thank you for all your constructive criticism and heartfelt advice, as it has made me a better artist and value magnet.

~ Benaiah Poindexter

Laura is my Master trainer for the PhiBrows course and she has been amazing. In the live 2 day class she was able to critique my practice work and show me HOW to fix what my problem areas were instead of just pointing out what was wrong. If I wasn’t picking something up right away, she was able to tailor her teaching approach to explain it a different way so that it would click. She is very professional as well as approachable. On Craft Master she is very responsive to review and give feedback on your submissions. I highly recommend taking a training with Laura!

~ Meechy Dee